Let's Take a Stroll

i love all dogs – fat, short, small, large, pure breed, mixed breed, fluffy... I love them all.

And its not just because i am a dog. I know that lots of you love dogs too. and why wouldn't you? after all, we are all fun and so darn cute.

but as well as being totally adorable, we are pretty versatile as well -comforting, protective, loving, playful, And now we can also send cards and gifts!

Yep, us dogs have taken our paws to the keyboard to send our beloved family and friends’ cards and gifts in order to let them know that we love them. And it is so easy that any puppy can do it - just select the pawfect card and gift from our shop and we will send it directly to the lucky dog lover.

but don't worry, we aren't only for dogs. we also have a great range of wonderful gifts that humans can buy for themselves to showcase their love of dogs. so get shopping now and treat yourself.....

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come and walk with me


add a personalised card message 



a portion of every purchase is donated 

to an animal charity​

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