a little about us

Hi, my name is Jessie Lee and I am the General Manager and all-round brains behind From The Dog.


Do you like my name? When I was born, my mum was searching for the perfect name and she found inspiration as she watched the movie K9. Instantly she thought that I was the female version of the star of the movie. No, not James Belushi,  Jerry Lee, the strong, intelligent and very beautiful German Shepherd, of course. Little did my mum know that she wasn’t as creative as she thought and Jessie was one of the most popular dog names around. Oh well, its still a cool name and I enjoy that story.

I love my mum. She is well trained - fetches the ball and treats on command and she loves to give me lots of cuddles and fun play time. As a thank you, when it is her birthday, I like to arrange a card for her as it gets her all smiley and extra cuddly, and generally there is an extra treat coming my way that day, so it’s a win for everyone! As my mum gets so happy when she receives a card from me, I wanted to give all of you the opportunity to send a card to someone special that you love. I hope that you find a card, and maybe a gift, that is perfect for your mum, dad, friend, sister…you get the drift…. My apprentice (mum) will customise it with your special words and post it to your loved one for you. Can you picture the smiles and hugs coming your way.…

Just to digress to a serious note for a moment. I believe that there are a lot of dogs out there that aren’t as lucky as us and therefore don’t have a wonderful loving home, so we will be donating money from every purchase to animal charities so they can keep up the good work. Sharing the four paws love and making the world a better place for all of our friends.

I hope you love our range of cards and gifts, and if you want to get in touch and say hi, please do so. I love to say hello to dogs and humans and if you attach a picture of your gorgeous self, you can have your own special place in my pack of Friends.