THE COCKATOO on the deck....

I was laying on the deck this morning casually inspecting the surrounds when a cockatoo landed on the railing beside me. I glanced up at him. Do I get up and let him know that this is my deck and I would like him to move along? But, I just laid down, so could I really be bothered getting up again? So many decisions for so early in the morning.

I remained in my nonchalant, relaxed pose but focused my ninja like stare, intrigued as to how he appears to be ignoring my presence. After all, a group of his friends had visited earlier in the morning and I had nicely persuaded them to vacate the deck with a little bark. Oh, ok, I maybe ran at them as well…..

I surveyed the area and then casually glanced up at him again. Inquisitive, commanding and somewhat puzzled. My eyes piercing as I searched for a sign of recognition of who I was. Amazingly I saw nothing. Why wasn’t he moved by my persistent stare? Surely he had heard the rumours that must be whispered from bird to bird around the area of my stealth, speed and agile ability to raise from my rest and engage chase.

So, the legend that is me does not appear to be working on this crazy little bird. Maybe a bark will do it. WOOF! Hmmm, still here, you are a stubborn little thing aren’t you.

And then it occurred to me. Why should I get up when as the clever resourceful little dog I am, I could get mum to come out and scare the darn bird away. Why didn’t I think of that earlier? What an ingenious plan. Not only would it show these birds that I am not a doggie to be reckoned with but it will also display my ability to command the humans at will.

Wait a minute…did that bird just move closer. Is he some sort of crazy bird looking to challenge himself to see how close he can get to the strong, yet beautiful, me? No time to waste. Time to summons mum with a little cry. Yeah, the little cry always works.

Excellent, here she comes. That’s right birdie, I’m looking at you and your days of loitering on my deck are numbered!


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